Safaris & Recreation

Masai Mara & Tsavo

An incomparable adventure in fascinating, untouched nature.

The Masai Mara and Tsavo East/West are the most famous and impressive nature reserves in all of Africa. Be it because of the diversity of the animals, the vastness of the savannah, the wild animal migration or simply because of the untouched nature.


The Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest freestanding mountain in the world, is 5895 m high, snow-covered all year round and climbable by any trained alpinist. 

The massif rises 4800 m from a plain to 1000 m above sea level. The last great volcanic eruption 360,000 years ago gave the mountain its current face.

Mount Kenya

The highest mountain of Kenya has a height of 5199 m.

Its 3 different zones make it unmistakable with its volcanic peak of ice and snow.

Mount Kenya can only be climbed by experienced mountaineers, but it also offers various routes for tourists.


The golf highlight just 5 minutes from our front door, one of the most beautiful golf courses in Kenya, the 18 hole Leisure Lodge Golf Course. 

The par 72 course has 85 bunkers and a large lake.

Other golf courses are located in Mombasa and Nairobie.


Directly in Diani and along the coast there are several perfectly equipped diving schools. From here wonderful diving safaris are offered.

Of course the nearby sea offers even more possibilities for water sports.

- Kiting
- Surfing
- Snorkeling
- Jetski
- Sailing


The snorkeling highlight only 5 minutes from our front door, one of the most beautiful reefs in Kenya!

We lend you our modern diving masks, where there is no mouth contact with the snorkel. Thus we meet the highest hygiene standards.

Adventure trip to the reef

We organize an adventure trip on a traditional Kenyan sailing boat, so that already the journey to the snorkeling becomes an experience.

Wasini Island

Experience the car-free Wasini Island only 1 hour away by car. Special highlight: A complete coral reef is completely dry except for the tide times at full/new moon. You can enjoy the coral and plant world on foot on safe footbridges. With a boat you can reach a fascinating snorkeling area.